Islamic Holy Days

Islamic Holy Days Calendar 2024

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Disclaimer: The following information is correct at the time of publishing and may be subject to change.

Holy DayDescriptionDate
Isra and Mi’rajAscent of the Prophet MuhammadThursday 8 February
RamadanStart of the month of fastingTuesday 12 March
Laylat al-QadrNight of 27th RamadanSunday 7 April
Eid-al-FitrEnd of RamadanWednesday 10 April
Eid-al-AdhaFeast of SacrificeMonday 17 June
MuharramAl-Hijra – Islamic New YearSunday 7 July
AshuraTenth DayTuesday 16 July
Muhammad’s BirthdayBirth of the Prophet, Peace be upon HimMonday 16 September
Islamic fasts and festivals are determined by an actual sighting of the appropriate new moon.

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